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Wyoming ranch owner says “no more rappers” following Kanye West listening party

Diamond Cross Ranch’s Jane Golliher says the ye party was “confusing.”

June 06, 2018

Tonight in Wyoming 🔥

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Kanye West launched his new album ye with a listening party at a ranch in Moran, Wyoming, the location he recorded the album. The world's media was flown in alongside collaborators and family. In typical Kanye fashion it was a headline-grabbing night to remember. However, not everyone involved came away with fond memories of the event.

Jane Golliher, the owner of the Diamond Cross Ranch where the party took place, told The Blast that the event was the "most confusing" thing she has ever been involved in and has subsequently emplyed a "no more rappers" policy at the property.

She said that plans for the party changed "every 30 minutes" and that it was originally due to take place inside. That changed though and the party took place outside, immediately spurring noise complaints from neighbors. According to Golliher, there is an 80 decibels sound limit in the area and ye was being played at 120. The Blast reports that Kanye's team "made it clear that he does whatever he wants."

In retrospect, Golliher said she undercharged Kanye for the event and should have asked for $50,000.

Kanye's next party, a playback of Kid Cudi collaboration Kids See Ghosts, will take place in Los Angeles later this week.

Thumbnail image courtesy of: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images.


Wyoming ranch owner says “no more rappers” following Kanye West listening party