Puma Blue’s “Moon Undah Water” video is an aqueous daydream

Watch the new visual from the south London jazz artist.

June 19, 2018

The rich, subterranian riff of Puma Blue's "Moon Undah Water" feels like being submerged under water. Appropriately, the U.K. artist, a.k.a. Jacob Allen, headed to the London aquarium to film the accompanying video, which premieres on The FADER today.


The clip captures the murky and romantic vibe of the scuffed-up jazz track perfectly. The visual, directed by Netti Hurley, doubles as a karaoke-style video with lyrics running across the images.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Allen said that was exactly what he was after: "I always wanted to make a video in an aquarium, or by a body of water that was overlooked by the city. When me and Netti found each other’s work, we knew we had to work together on something. So this video kind of came to be without much plan, just this desire to make a visual piece inspired by the music, without any narrative. I liked the idea of this song being forgotten about and then brought out at a karaoke bar in 50 years as a kind of ace up the sleeve of someone who happens to randomly know it."

Thumbnail image courtesy of Netti Hurley.

Puma Blue tours the U.K. in October.
Puma Blue’s “Moon Undah Water” video is an aqueous daydream