Thank Gloss Gang for “Say That,” your New York summer soundtrack

“If they talkin’ money then just say that!”

June 22, 2018

It’s summer, and Brower Park is back at it. In 2015, Swook and 700Stackzs, who together make up the Brooklyn rap duo Gloss Gang, had New York going up to their debut project Money. Brower. Respect. Since then, they’ve dropped a good chunk of boomin’ loosies (and a recent solo EP from Stackzs) to keep us going. Premiering today on The FADER is the latest from Gloss Gang: “Say That,” a light and live, sunny day bop produced by Harry Fraud that celebrates being about the money. It’s the first single from Money. Brower. Respect. 2, the duo’s awaited follow-up to MBR, which is due out this summer via Payday Records.


Of the song, Swook shared: “As far as the first single goes, we was looking to start the summer off with a banger. You could ask anybody if you looking to make that ‘summertime in NY’ shit, it’s only one person to go to, and Harry Fraud got that shit down to a science.” 700Stackzs also talked about the thoughts that surrounded the making and release of MBR2: “There was a lot of integrity put into making MBR2; and in this day and age where it's so easy to fall victim to and feed [into] all of the ignorance and social media antics, we felt it was only right to come back with the music. We can't allow y’all to wait without reason any longer. MBR2 on the way!”

Listen to “Say That” above, get to know Gloss Gang, and keep an eye out for MBR2.

Thank Gloss Gang for “Say That,” your New York summer soundtrack