Everything you need to make the most out of Cancer season

An emotional combo of posi vibes and and hurt feelings is coming your way. These must-haves will help you put love first.

Illustration Faye Orlove
June 25, 2018

As a proud, outspoken Cancer, this time of year feels like Christmas to me. Not only does Cancer season fall right in the sweet spot of early summer, but it also ushers in a burst of kind, loving vibes. Cancers are compassionate, nurturing, sensitive, and genuinely thrilled about making friends and family feel cherished. (Does it sound like I’m bragging? I am.) From now until July 22nd, your heart will be open and expand in a beautiful way.


That being said…

Cancer season is also an emotional rollercoaster. 360 days out of the year, we crabs are wracked with mood swings, unwarranted anxiety, and — here’s a fun one — hurt feelings that can stem from literally anything. For the next few weeks, you’ll experience a little taste of what we deal with all the damn time. Think of it as a necessary side effect of feeling more deeply than usual. To help you survive, here’s a list of must-haves that’ll keep you in cozy love-mode this Cancer season.

Sunglasses for crying in public

You might see a subway ad featuring a father and son sharing a warm hug. Or maybe you’ll hear the dulcet strains of “Arms Of An Angel” streaming through a cab window and think about Sarah McLachlan sadly stroking a dog. Honestly, it could be anything. All I’m saying is that you will weep in public this time of year. Prepare accordingly with distractingly cool shades.
Oakley’s Radar Ev Path glasses, $183 from VFiles

A nostalgic present for your younger self

Cancers are an extraordinarily sentimental sign, so this season you’ll likely be hit with nostalgia for simpler times. Instead of letting it get you all gloomy, celebrate your past and future by giving yourself a gift that pays homage to your younger years. Indulge in something your heart once longed for — it could be as simple as a box of sugary cereal that was off-limits your entire childhood — and celebrate that you’re an adult who can finally make your own rules.
Ahi Performance Cruiser Skateboard, $195 from Bureo

T-shirts that do all the flirting for you

Oh, so you think you’re bold, huh? Did you catch brazen vibes during Gemini season and make out with everyone in sight? Not an more, baby, it’s Cancer season. An unfortunate result of overthinking everything and feeling emotions intensely means getting too caught up in your head to ever approach your crush. Let your clothes offset your newfound shyness.
The Incorporated I Want To Is T-shirt, $110 from VFiles

New Age-y self-care products

All jokes aside, this is a great time to embark on self-love work. Even if you’re not typically the type to go in on spiritual healing, give it a go while the sun is in Cancer. Ask yourself what your body and mind need most. Be your own caring hippie mom.
Custom Carved Candle, $36 from Enchantments

Something sensual as hell

Scorpios will beg to differ but I think Cancers are the most sensual sign in the zodiac. Don’t believe me? Just wait for this season’s heady, intimate water vibes to hit you. Have your supplies at the ready.
Knob Polish CBD Lube, $10 from Spectrum Boutique

Upgraded beach gear because the water is your home now

We’ve all haphazardly stuffed a bath towel in a Duane Reade bag in the name of getting to the beach as fast as possible. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but considering how much time you’ll likely be spending near the water this season, it’s prime time to upgrade. These next few weeks bring a powerful urge to reconnect with the sea, so you might as well look cute — and feel organized! — doing it.
Shinoyama Large Nude Tote, $95 from Opening Ceremony

Covetable homeware, within reason

The caveat on this one is important: Come homebody Cancer season, your nesting urges will flare up big time. And while buying a couple of new interior pieces is great, it’s easy to go way overboard — and find yourself broke. Limit yourself to a few upgrades that’ll bring you joy every time you see them.
Fondale Vase, $250 from the MoMA Design Store

A mood-shifting mirror

The good thing about Cancer mood swings is that they never stick around for too long. Hang this friendly face by your door and enjoy the subtle power of suggestion. Think of all the extra-cute mirror selfies, too!
Mirror Mask, $64 from Area Ware

A declaration of love

We Cancers are blessed to share our season with Pride Month. Get out there and love unconditionally; it’s the Cancer way!
As I Am Pin, $10 from Poteko

Posted: June 25, 2018