How To Dress Well shares Land of the Overflowing Urn EP

“I want to start putting out music and just letting it live and be free. I want to just open my workshop and have you walk around in it.”

June 27, 2018
How To Dress Well shares <i>Land of the Overflowing Urn</i> EP Zackery Michael

How To Dress Well is back with his first solo music since 2016's Care. The new miniature EP, titled Land of the Overflowing Urn, features a four song suite titled "Vacant Boat (shred) | Nonkilling 1 | The Anteroom | False Skull 1" which oscillates between angelic moments and blistering, metallic outbursts, as well as a single cut of "The Anteroom." Tom Krell shared a note on his Instagram, explaining the release.


"About a year ago I was on a 'journey” and I saw myself standing in what I thought, at first, was knee-deep snow, but it turned out to be ash — the ashen remnants of everything that has ever lived and ever will live on this earth. I have the distinct memory of saying to myself: ‘This is the Land of the Overflowing Urn.’ The passage of music I’m releasing today — a collage of sounds and ideas — and what will come in the near future, is connected to my experience of this overflow.”

Stream the project, along with a visualizer for the suite, below.

How To Dress Well shares Land of the Overflowing Urn EP