JIWINAIA makes the dreamiest costume jewelry out there

Kitschy chic.

July 04, 2018

Statement costume jewelry is something no one should outgrow, and thanks to Marisa Jiwi Seok, we don't have to. Seok is the Seoul-born, Milan-based designer behind JIWINAIA and she's been crafting up whimsical jewelry that packs a punch — maraschino cherries frozen in blocks of ice, baroque pearls with hand-drawn illustrations of screaming faces, and oversized hoops with "Reincarnation" scrawled across the width in cursive only scratches the surface of JIWINAIA's mystical aura. The line's kitsch is drawn from Seok's life-long obsession with funky jewelry, Korean style's attention to detail, and the out-there styles of her college city London. Peep some of her most stand-out pieces below, and see her entire collection on the JIWINAIA webstore.


Thumbnail via JIWINAIA's Instagram.