The 10 best answers from Valee’s Reddit A.M.A.

Did you know he builds fish tanks? Like more than one?

July 05, 2018

Reddit's A.M.A's are a great way to learn new things about your favorite artists, but they rarely feel as insightful – or as funny – as Valee's session, held in June on the sub-Reddit r/hiphopheads. The Chicago rapper and G.O.O.D. Music was reticent about upcoming projects, including any hint about a seven track album with Kanye West, but offered answer after answer that confirmed his image as an approachable and elusive figure. For example, his love of fish, building things, and collection of dogs (one's named Furrari). Read the best answers below, they're even better if you read them in his laid-back flow.

Posted: July 05, 2018