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7 Emmys snubs that made us mad as hell

Today’s Emmy nominations were missing some of our favorite performances and shows of the year.

July 12, 2018
7 Emmys snubs that made us mad as hell Netflix, NBC


Twin Peaks: The Return

"No other show came close to making the case for television as a progressive art form than David Lynch's limited sequel series for Showtime. The public has a hunger for work that molds the past into new visions that defy nostalgia and easy definitions, and that desire doesn't require validation from the rarified air of the Emmys stage." — Jordan Darville

Amy Sedaris for Bojack Horseman

"When will Amy Sedaris be recognized for carrying the entirety of Bojack Horseman on her shoulders as Princess Carolyn, Bojack's high-strung tongue-twisting ambitious agent? If only there was a category for vocal gymnastics; she would get an Emmy from the absurdly brilliant Courtney Portnoy bit from Season 4 alone." — Steffanee Wang

The End of the F***ing World

"First of all, the show's title is great. The unrequited teenage love built between the two main characters of this show amidst the heavy cloud of melancholy and craziness of the series was cute as f**k and deserves more than just a weak ass cinematography nomination. Sarcastic, witty, British humor in short 30-minute episodes is always a win." — Wandera Hussein


John Early for Search Party

"John Early is one of the funniest people working on television right now, and the fact that he didn't get a nomination for his role as Elliott on Search Party proves that no one on the nominating committee has ever laughed in their lives. In particular, the sixth episode of the show's fantastic second season finds Early at his most manic and, as a result, his most hilarious. I dare you to watch it and then look me in the eyes and tell me that Alec Baldwin's hack Trump impression is funnier than a shirtless, rash-covered Early screaming, "My balls!"" — Olivia Craighead

Dominique Fishback for The Deuce

"The Deuce, HBO's drama about Manhattan in early days of the porn industry, got exactly zero Emmy nominations — a fact that may or may not have something to do with ongoing allegations about James Franco’s inappropriate behavior. Either way, everyone knows the show’s actual best character is Darlene, a young sex worker with a volatile pimp and a fondness for Dickensian tearjerkers. Her tough-edged sweetness is rendered super convincingly by a newcomer named Dominique Fishback, who could have very easily nabbed a Best Supporting Actress nod for her scene-stealing work." — Patrick McDermott


D'Arcy Carden for The Good Place

"Wacky, existential comedy The Good Place is probably my favorite show on TV but I know a scene is about to get even better when I see D'Arcy Carden, who plays the lovable robotic — but not a robot — assistant Janet walk on screen. Her delivery on every line just kills me. Ted Danson secured a nom for his excellent work as Michael, but I feel like it's rude to reward one without the other. There's just no Michael without Janet!" — Myles Tanzer

Gordon Ramsay

"Gordon Ramsay may not be a great chef (beef wellies??? in this economy???) but he's excellent at television. I watch all of his shows obsessively, but MasterChef Junior is especially *chef's kiss* . Ramsay was nominated last year, so what gives, Television Academy? Give the Scotsman his Emmy!" — Rawiya Kameir


7 Emmys snubs that made us mad as hell