Thanks to this keychain, getting your lighter stolen is a thing of the past

NYC-based designers Chen Chen, Kai Williams, and KARA are on the case.

July 13, 2018

There's one incredibly sage Cardi B video in which she says that no matter how rich or famous someone is, they'll still steal your lighter. As a person who has felt the repeated sting of lighter theft, I felt her astute observation to my very core and lamented all the really cool lighters that disappeared without a trace over the years. It's enough of an epidemic that NYC-based designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams teamed up with maker of sleek leather goods KARA for a solution, and the result is a wrap-around keychain that fits around your lighter. The functional serpentine design is minimal and timeless, and the snug fit ensures that it will never "accidentally" get misplaced. Snag it in copper and stainless steal on either Chen and Williams's webstore or over at KARA.


Thumbnail via chenandkai's Instagram.

Posted: July 13, 2018