G-SHOCK’s DW6900LU Watch Proves Its Legacy Is Indestructible

An updated take on a classic watch that showcases G-SHOCK’s absolute toughness.

Photographer Amy Li
Fashion by Yuko Okudaira
July 18, 2018

Resolve. Passion. Commitment. These are essential components of toughness, something the Casio G-SHOCK watch personifies. Thirty-five years have passed since Kikuo Ibe’s vision—a virtually indestructible watch—debuted in Japan. Over time, G-SHOCK’s reputation has proven to be as durable as its products. Each watch embodies seven core elements, the most important being toughness. And because G-SHOCK watches represent absolute toughness, it’s aiming high to execute a difficult task: helping one of its most iconic products, the DW6900, pull off the ultimate comeback as the DW6900LU.


Part of the decision to revive the DW6900 design is because it’s emblematic of G-SHOCK’s history. The first DW6900 model was unveiled in 1995 as an updated successor to the DW6600, right down to the protective bezel. Its resurrection coincides with G-SHOCK’s 35th anniversary, representing a celebration of the brand’s legacy through revitalization of a classic item. The new DW6900LU recalls G-SHOCK’s history while still looking ahead towards the future. It’s a necessary accessory because owning it shows you appreciate the past without being stuck in it—a true display of adaptable fashion sense. But above all, owning the DW6900LU shows that you value durability in addition to style. It’s a watch that won’t fail you, in terms of look and function.

Although the latest DW6900LU are noteworthy for keeping the original design in tact, this Stealth Military collection gives the classic design a facelift. The popular DW6900 face remains in tact, but the shock-absorbant, two-tone urethane bands feature a matte finish with different designs on the interior and exterior that give the new version a distinct polish. The Stealth Military collection also features three versions of the watch that can be identified by their smart color schemes. The DW6900LU-1 comes in a sleek black with khaki accents on the face and inside of the band. Meanwhile, the DW6900LU-3 comes in a forest green with orange on the band. And lastly, the DW6900LU-8 pairs a grey surface with a serene, misty blue inner band. The new colorways help rejuvenate the DW6900’s look, while the features and functions embody the toughness and resilience at G-SHOCK’s core.

Each new model, outfitted in 50mm cases, is equipped with an EL backlight, multi-function alarm, flash alert, 1/100th second stopwatch and countdown timer. The new watches also incorporate the trademark 200M water resistance, shock resistance and two-year battery life that exemplify the fortitude, perseverance and grit that are imperative to staging a comeback that feels like a capital-E Event.

The G-SHOCK DW6900 is an indisputable style icon. The round case, the three circles adorning the face and its clean design signify not only a level of quality that’s defined G-SHOCK for over 30 years, but one the sly consumer values. The DW6900LU Stealth Military series gives the icon a 21st century makeover through a trio of color pairings that provide the watch with a bit of flair. This new line of watches manages to build upon certified greatness. That’s what the ultimate comeback should feel like: the return of greatness with modern improvements.

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Posted: July 18, 2018