ginla’s “Infinite” is starchild pop music

The electronic pop band’s debut album Codex is out September 7.

July 18, 2018
ginla’s “Infinite” is starchild pop music ginla   Alana Derksen

"Infinite," a new single of psyche-electro pop from ginla, begins with lyrics that suggest a long-awaited godlike ascension. "I can finally breath underwater / I have learned to sleep on the clouds," vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Joe Manzoli sings over ambient synths and a frenetic breakbeat, composed along with bandmate Jon Nellen. Those are awesome powers being described in a song with an unmistakable sense of yearning and no fixed relation to genre. These borders melt progressively as the song builds to a final celestial conclusion, a rapture where everyone's invited to find what they're looking for.


“'Infinite' acted as an outlet in the process of searching for answers, and the stillness that follows when you can accept that there are none," ginla told The FADER over email. "There is a feeling of timelessness that you can experience when your able to break free of your own patterns and tendencies."

Listen to "Infinite" below. Find ginla's upcoming North American tour dates below, including gigs with on the east coast supporting Sports.

ginla’s “Infinite” is starchild pop music
ginla’s “Infinite” is starchild pop music