This fashion film takes No Sesso back to Mother Nature

Artist Marcelline Mandeng brings the non-binary line’s brightest pieces on a trippy journey through nature, with the help of some friends.

July 27, 2018

We’re big fans of No Sesso, Pierre Davis’s vibrant, gender-defying clothing brand. The line’s pieces are a refreshing take on providing comfort and protection through clothing. Items are made up of several fabrics and items of varying textures and colors that are brought together in a collage-like way to create magical, unified looks that feels unique and just for you.


In an interview with The FADER from earlier this year, Davis explained that when they thought about art in the future, they thought about “having to figure out how to use older resources again, because the future is also [going to be] about having to go back and depend on Mother Nature.” In a fashion film directed by artist Marcelline Mandeng, which highlights select pieces from No Sesso, that idea is captured beautifully. The film, shot in Los Angeles’s Elysian Park and featuring artist Kandis Williams, takes No Sesso’s pieces on psychedelically-lensed journey through nature.

“I shot the film in Elysian Park because its a deserted location with a lot of dry earth tones, allowing for the vibrant colors present in No Sesso's garments to pop out even more,” Mandeng said of the film. “The shoot was very ephemeral, involving a lot of quick takes. Layering the lo fi footage repeatedly on top of itself through digital manipulation became a structural device used to create a surreal and almost psychedelic composition.”

The film is also soundtracked by an original score, with Mandeng having produced part of it, and later enlisting “the expertise of M|GHTHAUNT for mixing and mastering. [Artist] Aurel Haize Odogbo added finishing touches by providing vocals touching on lot of things that inspired this film such as sweetness, dreaming, a colony of worker bees and also Alice's descent into wonderland or madness.” Watch the film above, and learn more about No Sesso here.

This fashion film takes No Sesso back to Mother Nature