Bad Bunny is the king of sunglasses style

The Puerto Rican star does it best.

July 31, 2018


If you had a dollar for every time Bad Bunny sported a pair of sunglasses, you'd have a solid chunk of change on your hands. The Puerto Rican singer-rapper is rarely seen without a pair of shades, and he utilizes his obsession to the fullest: Bad Bunny's sunglasses selection is wide and most importantly, never boring.

The accessory is a major part of his live performance fits as well as his everyday life — after all, Puerto Rico is a tropical island that gets a heavy dose of sunshine year-round. We may not know the specific reason behind his proclivity for sunglasses, and ultimately it doesn’t matter — he looks good and we’re here to celebrate it. Below, we've highlighted some of Bunny's best types of shades, from the classic to the avant-garde and everything in between.

1. Pure glitz

Bad Bunny can rock a show-stopping fit with minimal effort, and that same energy goes into his sunglasses. He doesn't shy away from excess — whether it's insane fur coats or sunglasses embellished with diamonds and pearls, we stan a "more is more" king.


2. The future is bad

Bizarre, lean silhouettes are the mark of Matrix-ready wear, and Bad Bunny goes hard on futuristic frames with clean detailing.

3. Sunset-colored lenses


Bad Bunny's music makes you feel pumped — like not only will everything be okay, but that a glo-up is literally around the corner. Could it be because he spends a significant time wearing rose-colored glasses? That's up for science to decide.


4. Pastel steez

Remember that video in which Bad Bunny gets surprised with bunnies during an interview and divulges that he, like the precious animal, is also very soft? It's a seminal viewing experience, and these pastel pink and lavender shades are also soft. Continuity!

5. Something classic


Even though Bad Bunny can rock the craziest eyewear on the market, he still supports a classic frame. The traditional gold wiring and dark lenses combo is tried and true, and we can count on him to make it look completely new.

Thumbnail via Bad Bunny's Instagram.