YG’s having a personal style breakthrough and we’re here for it

Shiny shoes and all, the Compton rapper’s putting an extra emphasis on getting fits off.

August 01, 2018


YG has let us in on a secret this year: he has a great sense of style. His looks have become streamlined and enviable, complete with bold patterns, flattering silhouettes, and lots of red accessories. Ahead of his fourth studio release Stay Dangerous, we searched his personal style to shed light on his coolest looks so far. Peep below, and get ready for one of the most fashionable album rollouts of the year.

1. 2-in-1 pants

Not only does YG eschew the rule that looks down on mixing patterns, he combines patterns, like pinstripe and plaid, in the same piece of clothing to stellar results.

2. Train conductor chic

The classic pants and a white tee look gets a twist with suspenders and a bandana, and it makes YG look like train conductor who moonlights as a model.


3. Texture report

YG's versatility extends to his textures, like above, where he pairs a thick, old-school patterned coat with leather pants for a killer combination.

4. All black everything

The standard all-black outfit somehow looks new as hell when YG pulls it off.


5. Stay plush

Recording an album, looking fly 24/7, and being insanely rich takes its toll — YG stays comfy in plush separates in vibrant colors.

6. Jumpsuit

The workwear-adjacent jumpsuit has infiltrated all levels of culture, but YG keeps it true to his echelon of life by pairing the piece with sleek shoes and a chain overloaded with diamonds.


7. Church shoes go with anything

This liberal arts school uniform of cut-offs and an oversized plaid shirt somehow gets elevated beyond belief with pristine socks, dressy church shoes, and diamonds, and we're absolutely here for it.

8. Suited up

If YG's wearing a suit, he's doing it on his terms: head-to-toe red with pounds of jewelry.

Thumbnail via YG's Instagram.


Posted: August 01, 2018