Open yourself up with Fantasy Camp’s How To Fix Everything EP

The gloomy emo-rap project offers a glance at reversing damaging habits and unhealthy relationships.

August 03, 2018
Open yourself up with Fantasy Camp’s <i>How To Fix Everything</i> EP George Douglas Peterson

Since the very beginning of the year, Fantasy Camp has been keeping busy. So far the Pennsylvania native has released a full-length project, a collaborative EP with Zubin, helped form the alternative-rap supergroup Misery Club, and even toured the greater part of the United States. Today, Fantasy Camp premieres his EP, How To Fix Everything on The FADER, providing a dreamy, self-reflective journey into the darkest corners of his brain.

For his third project of 2018, Fantasy Camp features vocals from Lil Lotus, Scum, as well as frequent collaborator and fellow Misery Club member Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. The EP also features self-production from Fantasy Camp in addition to masterful melodies and emo stylings from producers Taylor Morgan, taxpurposes, and martensite.

With lyrics touching upon loneliness, toxic relationships, and stress, the album art is just as striking, depicting various methods of suicide. “I think talking about what you feel, whether it's pretty or not, is important,” Fantasy Camp told The FADER. “Keeping everything inside leads to unhealthy and self destructive habits. So the artwork is that - scary, dark, primitive. The stuff you don't want people to know you think about.”

When asked about the project, he said: “How To Fix Everything is about replacing destructive habits with healthy ones. Everyone does it in different ways and some people have trouble figuring it out...but for me, and many others, writing and being open about these feelings is how to fix everything, at least temporarily. I'm not saying people will listen to these songs and all their problems will go away, but if they relate to it, maybe it will help them realize they aren't alone.”

Open yourself up with Fantasy Camp’s How To Fix Everything EP