Kanye West might actually almost be a billionaire

Kim K’s claims while visiting Kimmel could be true.

August 03, 2018

While stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night, Kim Kardashian shared that her husband Kanye West is a billionaire. As it turns out, despite numerous past rumors of large debts, which he himself revealed at one point, Kanye might technically be close to breaking the billionaire threshold, The Blast reports.


According to the publication, sources close to Kanye say that his apparel company YEEZY is reportedly worth $1.5 Billion. And since Kanye is still a majority shareholder — he may be, in all rights, considered a billionaire.

Kim's remarks came when the host asked if she herself was worth a billion, to which she responded, "I would say my husband is [a billionaire], so that makes me one right?"

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Thumbnail image courtesy of JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images.

Kanye West might actually almost be a billionaire