Treez Lowkey’s Future Techno Bar Fight is a space odyssey you wanna be on

The latest offering from the Virginia artist and producer is a turnt-up tour de space pop.

August 03, 2018

Treez Lowkey is a hook lord. The Virginia artist and producer has been a quiet fave of mine for a few years, his songwriting and heart-hitting voice standing out from the jump. He specializes in gut-wrenching songs about love and heartbreak (like 2015’s “New World Commander”) and mosh-in-your-mind bangers (like 2017’s Key! and Take A Day Trip-assisted “Over Do It"), all of which sound like they were made in a neighboring galaxy.


The young guy’s got an uncanny ear for melody and great production as well — two attributes that are super evident on his newly dropped and aptly named tape Future Techno Bar Fight. Over the project’s ten songs, he flexes a little bit of everything. On “Transport,” he carves out multiple flows on a single track, finding room to experiment wherever the beat’s nooks and crannies will let him. “It’s On!” finds him taking off the vocal effects, trying on an angstier and screamier sound while warning off copycats and challengers. “She Hates Me” is some classic Treez at his best — he sings his ass off over a night ride-ready beat, going over the ins and outs of a romance gone wrong.

The genre tag for this project on Soundcloud is #Space Pop, and to me, it’s pretty much exactly that. I’m stoked to hear how he continues to grow. Listen to Future Techno Bar Fight above, and check out the rest of his music here.

Treez Lowkey’s Future Techno Bar Fight is a space odyssey you wanna be on