What’s going on with Nav’s vocals on Astroworld?

Turn that man’s vocals up!!!!

August 07, 2018
What’s going on with Nav’s vocals on <i>Astroworld</i>? Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Travis Scott's long-awaited Astroworld is finally here, and going by the projected first week sales numbers, it looks like the album is being widely enjoyed.

But the album hasn't gone without its criticisms either, one track in particular, "YOSEMITE" — which features Gunna and Nav — has been given the meme treatment after fans pointed out problems with the vocal levels in the XO rapper's verse.

Nav appears at the end of the guitar-tinged song after a final hook from Gunna, and the drop off in volume at the beginning of his verse is pretty noticeable. Whether or not this was done on purpose, it hasn't stopped fans from directing a few cheeky memes at Nav, Travis, and the album's engineers. The FADER has reached out to representatives of Nav for comment.

Check tweets below and read our Astro-review here.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images
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What’s going on with Nav’s vocals on Astroworld?