Serena Williams will wear Virgil Abloh x Nike at the US Open


August 13, 2018

Serena Williams will step onto the court at this year's US Open tournament rocking a Virgil Abloh designed fit by Nike, Vogue reports.


The all black one-shoulder dress will be accompanied by a full tulle skirt and features a Nike check underneath the word "Logo" in between signature Virgil Abloh quotations. Williams will also wear a Virgil Abloh x Nike jacket before and after matches as well as a customized pair of NikeCourt Flare sneakers.

Speaking on designing the set for the tennis icon, Abloh shared that a lot of work went into getting the ensemble completed in a short amount of time. "She [Williams] has a level of creativity with how she expresses herself in terms of clothing in any event, so I made everything with her logic in mind. We traded images and there was a lot of back-and-forth to get this done in short order,” he told Vogue over email.

Williams told the publication that wearing the dress invoked feelings of strength combined with femininity. “I felt so feminine in the tutu, which is probably my favorite part of it. It really embodies what I always say: that you can be strong and beautiful at the same time.”

Towards the end of August, Serena's outfit (dress, jacket, and shoes) will be available in select Nike locations in the United States.