Klein’s “Brother” video is a stunning and fantastical exploration of relationships

Watch the London artist’s new self-directed clip.

August 21, 2018

London artist Klein makes music that sounds like it’s on the move, and fills you all the way up. Earlier this year, the experimental producer and vocalist’s song “Brother” was featured on the first volume of NON Records’s compilation Trilogy. Premiering today on The FADER is the video for the track.


The song itself is an uplifting three minutes of epic, beaming chords and metallic whirs that, topped with her soft, looped vocals, creates an especially moving and almost-tangible listening experience. As the song progresses, each blast of chords feels like more and more like an incredible power-up straight out of the video game of your dreams. The video, directed by Klein and produced in collaboration with NTS, brings the track’s hopeful energy to life through several scenes: children playing outside, a young baby and mother playing in a homemade fort, a group dancing around a fire, and a power-possessing woman sitting atop a horse.

Over email, Klein shared that the song is “about brotherhood, about understanding and trust. Working with [creative producer] Chantal Adams is always great as we both are obsessed with the idea of fantasy and merging it with industrial realism. It was important for me for the video to explore the basic concept of relationships." Watch the video above.