Listen to episode 4 of Queen Radio

Nicki Minaj teased the episode during the 2018 VMAs.

August 21, 2018

Nicki Minaj returns to Queen Radio for episode four today, less than 24 hours after attending and performing at the 2018 VMAs.


The rapper teased the episode last night during the awards show, saying she'd reveal the "c**ksucker of the day." On Twitter, she also said she'd pay tribute to Harriett Tubman during the show.

After saying she was not mad and saying that everything is for "entertainment," she spoke at length about how annoyed she was with Travis Scott for selling merch bundles to obtain the number one spot on last week's Billboard charts. (It's worth noting that all of the merch Nicki sells on her website is bundled with her album). "I love Kylie I love Kim I actually love all of them," she said. "I know that you guys are saying me and Baby Stormi have beef (laughs) Yes we do. Now, this is what the fuck is happening today. Me against baby Stormi. We have this rivalry now. I'm going to start from scratch. He out here selling fucking clothes got y'all thinking he selling fucking music."


On the previous episode of Queen Radio, Minaj was joined by Alicia Keys. The two artists paid tribute to Aretha Franklin during the show.

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