Mykki Blanco speaks on race and whiteness in “WYPIPO”

A short film by DAZED.

August 23, 2018

In a new short film released on Thursday, Mykki Blanco puts his acting ability on display as he wears whiteface and plays three different characters to depict racial inequality. Titled "WYPIPO," the five-minute clip sees Blanco portray a white politician, a woman named Meredith (reportedly inspired by Permit Patty), and a young white man who enjoys rap music.


Blanco closes the video by explaining that the conversation about improving racial equality needs to be had on a much larger stage. "Are there white people having this conversation [about inequality]? Yes. But at the level it needs to be that actually affects institutional change, hell no," he quips.

Watch "Wypipo" above.

Mykki Blanco speaks on race and whiteness in “WYPIPO”