Listen to episode five of Nicki Minaj’s Queen radio

Two hours via Beats 1 and Apple Music.

August 23, 2018

TOMORROW 2PM EST @applemusic #QueenRadio

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Nicki Minaj's controversial, uncensored Beats 1 radio show is back for its fifth episode. The latest show — which will air for two hours via Apple Music — comes after the news (and resulting grievences) that her North American tour with Future would be cancelled.


Speaking on the tour change decision, she said, "If I went from four months [of rehearsal] to three weeks, I had to push the tour back."

At the top of the show, Minaj gave the "cocksucker of the day award" to Irving Azoff, the industry bigwig and manager of Travis Scott. She said that he "allegedly launched a smear campagin against [her] tour" and called journalists to spread rumors about her. A rep for Azoff wasn't immediately available for comment.

Speaking about a video where Kylie Jenner appears to avoid her on the red carpet at the VMAs, she said it was a non-issue for her. "I fucking love Kylie and that's not going to change," she said. "This is not real life, this is entertainment. I love Kylie and so do my fans. Kim was on my first episode of queen radio — fucking love her. we're not going to make something that it's not. We're not going to start any dumbass cat fights for your entertainment. This is strictly music, between musicians...She supported her man like she should. Me and my fans are not feeding into this."

She also revealed that Hype Williams will be directing the "Barbie Dreams" music video. She also wanted Monica to sing on "Come See About Me" and wanted Tasha Cobbs to sing on her album, but it didn't happen.

Tune into episode five of Queen radio live here.

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Listen to episode five of Nicki Minaj’s Queen radio