Watch Danny Brown discuss his favorite “anime bitch” on Twitch

The rapper livestreamed himself playing Persona 5.

August 24, 2018

Twitch, a live-streaming video platform owned by Amazon, is probably the future of media. Every month hundreds of millions of people watch streamers film themselves, usually while playing video games. One of the 2.2 million monthly broadcasters is rapper Danny Brown, and he recently spent over two hours with fans playing the hit Japanese PS4 game Persona 5.


The role-playing game also contains a dating simulation element, allowing players to pursue several different women. In his Twitch stream, Danny made it clear who he was after: Kawakami, a teacher. "She a fine anime bitch," Danny howls, but adds that in a pinch, he'll settle for doctor character Takemi, because "cause you know I like a bitch with some drugs." Watch the clips below followed by the full Twitch stream.