Debit’s “Overcome Isolation” sounds like listening to the world turn

She will release a new EP, Love Discipline, on September 21 via Quiet Time.

August 29, 2018

Earlier this year, Debit released Animus, a hard-hitting club album layered with political intention. It cemented her as a forerunner in the global electronic community as an artist making purposeful, narrative work. This fall, she'll follow it up with Love Discipline, a five-track EP that will be released by Quiet Time. Though it retains her penchant for discourse through music, the project is, sonically, somewhat of a departure from previous Debit releases. It's heady, experimental ambient that moves like the ocean. Today, she's debuting "Overcome Isolation," a single that sounds like listening to the world turn, with creaks and groans and sounds that are practically meditative.


"Overcome isolation speaks about our inherent alienation as humans and our necessary need to be part of something bigger," she says. "This requires the challenge of being able to let go of our individualistic barriers, while maintaining our autonomy and identity. The results of this effort is gaining intimacy and union. It is one of the greatest human pleasures and a driving force of humanity."

Listen below.

Posted: August 29, 2018