Lil Pump says he’s going to jail “for a few months”

The “Gucci Gang” rapper claims he violated his probation.

September 04, 2018

Lil Pump has claimed that he is set to serve prison time after violating the terms of his probation order. Last week, the rapper was arrested in Miami after being caught driving without a valid license. It was also claimed that the license plates on his Rolls-Royce could be traced back to a Mini Cooper.


Speaking on Instagram on Monday night, Pump suggested this was the reason for him going to jail. “Y’all seen what happened in Miami,” he says in the video clip above. “I got arrested. I’m on probation in LA. I violated my PO, so I’ve got to go in and do a couple months."

Pump added that he's "got some crazy ass shit dropping while in there [prison].” His debut album, Harverd Dropout, is due out on September 14.

The FADER has reached out for further details.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Tabatha Fireman/Getty.

Lil Pump says he’s going to jail “for a few months”