Take control of your life with Ah Mer Ah Su’s power-pop ballad, “Need You, Need Me”

Watch the video for “Need You, Need Me.”

September 05, 2018

Sometimes all it takes to light a fire under your butt is a strong, power-pop ballad with just the right amount of self-assurance. This week, the song that's doing that for me is "Need You, Need Me" by Oakland artist Ah Mer Ah Su. A self-described "poptronic princess," Ah Mer Ah Su combines glittering production with sharp vocals and introspective songwriting. Today, she's debuting the colorful, dance-centric video for "Need You, Need Me," directed by Vice Cooler and starring Saturn Rising, Zenobia, and Ah Mer Ah Su herself.


"'Need You, Need Me' is a song about how important it was for me to be able to move on from an abusive relationship. I had a partner who told me that I needed him, that I would be lost without him," she explains. “It required a Herculean strength of will to leave, I had to not unlike Orpheus travel to the darkest parts of myself and leave that behind without looking back in order to salvage my sanity and get out. We don't talk about this much in our community how queer relationships are just as prone to abuse as others. I found myself wishing I could leave this cycle, yet still going back. One of the ways I was able to change my narrative was through the power of sisterhood. My sisters helped me see that I was worth so much more."

Watch above.

Thumbnail photo by Rebecca Rüetten

Posted: September 05, 2018