Hear Vampire Weekend’s cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill”

The band also confirmed their fourth album is finished.

September 05, 2018

Ten years ago, Vampire Weekend put out "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa," a track that features a ceremonious shoutout to Peter Gabriel. Gabriel, a noted fan of the song, later went on to cover it with Hot Chip. At End Of The Road festival in England this past weekend, Vampire Weekend finally returned the favor.


After "Cape Cod," Ezra Koenig launched into a spirited cover of Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill." Elsewhere in the set, Koenig confirmed that the band's long anticipated fourth album is finished, but that it was delayed. “Has the vinyl been ordered?” he told the crowd. “Yeah, but the vinyl takes a long time. You know the industry. There’s a real log jam at the vinyl factory these days.”

Watch the "Solsbury Hill" cover below.