Here are some of the best Rolf “looking out the window” memes

The creativity is real.

September 12, 2018

Seemingly out of nowhere — social media users have found a new meme to creatively twist, contort, and pull jokes from for the early part of September. The cartoon depicts a dark-haired character — who is Rolf from early 2000s Cartoon Network show Ed, Edd n Eddy — standing at the foot of his front door or window, staring pensively outside.


While the origin of Rolf's deep reflective state in the original photo is unclear, users have taken it upon themselves to give the cartoon a whole new meaning. In recent weeks, Rolf has been morphed into a Wendy's employee taking orders at the drive-thru window, Mike Epps's Day Day character from Friday, Joe Budden, and more.

Peep some of the funniest Rolf memes below.

Posted: September 12, 2018