YNW Melly premieres new video for “Butter Pecan”

The Gifford, Florida rapper explores a remote stretch of road in a white fur in his latest video.

September 13, 2018

YNW Melly is a master of melody. He quickly became a local favorite in Florida with 2017 ballads like "772 Love" and "Murder On My Mind" — of his recent catalog, "Butter Pecan," a loose track release just before his debut project I Am You, is probably the best example of his vocal talents. In the video for the catchy track, which premieres on The FADER today, Melly parks a white Maserati along a desolate stretch of road and ventures out into the woods with a white fur draped around his back.


As for the songwriting process, Melly explains that "Butter Pecan" just came to him naturally. "I really was just at Baskin-Robbins, and I was high as fuck," he told The FADER. "My great-grandma always fed me butter pecan. I was happy and I was just eating butter pecan ice bream. Then, I went to the studio happy as hell singing about butter pecan ice bream, and I was also riding in a white Maserati."

Thumbnail image: Devin Christopher for The FADER.

YNW Melly premieres new video for “Butter Pecan”