Watch BbyMutha play ’Would You Rather’

Have another set of twins or marry Joel Osteen?

September 19, 2018

BbyMutha is the mother a lot of us wish we had but probably couldn't handle. She keeps it real to the fullest, juggling two sets of twins and managing a budding, international rap career. The Chattanooga artist has been working on her debut album, Christine, and traveling for shows, when she can book a babysitter.

While in NYC, BbyMutha stopped by to answer life's most difficult questions on The FADER's Would You Rather. This week's questions include:

1. Always step on Legos vs. Never be able to get a babysitter again
2. Know when you're going to die vs. Know how you're going to die
3. Have another set of twins vs. Marry Joel Osteen
4. Make an album with Trina vs. Make an album with Lil Kim
5. Fight 1 elephant-sized bat vs. Fight 10 bat-sized elephants


Watch BbyMutha play ’Would You Rather’