AlunaGeorge can’t find love in “Superior Emotion” video

Outlook not so good :(

September 20, 2018

Electronic pop duo AlunaGeorge, made up of vocalist Aluna Francis and producer George Reid, dropped their Cautious Clay-assisted single "Superior Emotion" earlier this month. The track, a hazy, synth-backed cut from their upcoming EP Champagne Eyes, now has a dreamy video, which is premiering on The FADER today. It finds Francis yearning for love as the universe continues to drop signs that it's just not in the cards for her; a fortune cookie proclaims "Bitch! Relax," a magic 8-ball just won't say yes, and a horoscope basically tells her to keep dreaming. Yet, for such harsh messages, the visuals are soft on the eyes, awash with rose and blue tints.


"I really wanted to work with a female director who understood how to mix satire and beauty to really tell the story of this song," Francis wrote via email. "In the same way, having really got to know Cautious I felt like he would perfectly capture the object of my unrequited affection with his incredible voice and nuanced lyrics.”

AlunaGeorge can’t find love in “Superior Emotion” video