Watch QUADRY’s new video for Steve Lacy-produced “1:04 PM”

The Baton Rouge artist shares a bright new visual for the first single from his upcoming project.

September 21, 2018

The first sound you hear in QUADRY's new video for "1:04 PM" is the buzz of insects — the sort of all-encompassing noise that's always especially pronounced during summers in the southern part of the United States. QUADRY is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and on past projects, like 2014's Dopè and 2016's America, Me, he established himself as a distinctive voice in the city that's known for producing Boosie and Kevin Gates.


Today, he's debuting the Steve Lacy-produced single from his upcoming Malik Ruff album with a video that finds QUADRY wandering in the forest. The song is nostalgic but hopeful; it's the sound of the rapper's internal dialogue underscored by Lacy's wistful guitar loop. "I wanted the video to be a bit quirky and optimistic like the song," QUADRY told The FADER over email. "That's why we chose that location in the woods so my personality could have some space."

Watch QUADRY’s new video for Steve Lacy-produced “1:04 PM”