Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty world tour looks are breathtaking

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October 04, 2018

Rihanna has spent the year with her foot planted firmly on our necks and she's showing no sign of stopping. Between promising the follow-up record to Anti, launching her lingerie empire, and shooting a film alongside Childish Gambino in Cuba, it's unreal that she finds the time to routinely empty our bank accounts with a deluge of Fenty Beauty collections. Since the launch of the beauty line last September, Fenty Beauty has become one of the most successful makeup lines on the market and proof of Rihanna's finger-on-the-pulse business plan to take over the world. Let's face it — it takes a special breed of genius to convince people to buy a different version of the same highlighter every three months.

Bad Gal is currently in the midst of a worldwide campaign tour, which included a master class in Dubai as well as stops in Singapore and Australia. In addition to charming the masses and promoting the new Fenty Beauty holiday collection, Rihanna has been turning one dizzyingly iconic look after another. In case you forgot what a sartorial chameleon she really is, peep below for a reminder.

Fenty Beauty expanded its Stunna Lip Paints to a nude palette, including some very Rihanna-core names like Uncuffed for a rosy mauve and Uninvited for an almost sinister, inky black. Being Rihanna, she stunned with not one, but two fits in a nude palette: a full-blown ’80s corporate CEO with an off the shoulder suit dress (as seen on at the top of this post), and then a demure and classic silky Burberry trench.

In a Fenty world, wearing two nude-toned outfits requires a vibrant one to balance it out, and Rihanna delivered on that tip. Her hot pink and red slip dress by Cushnie is not only fresh off the runway, but it made it feel like she distilled the entire season and concept of summer into a fabric. To which I say: Her mind!

Slithering into your wallet

Most people opt for one snakeskin print item as a statement piece, but Rihanna is not most people. Her head-to-toe faux python treatment was custom made by Versace, and it has me shaking to my very core, and if you know what's good for you, you'll find a way to get in on the trend, too.

Extreme glitz alert

Rihanna does early-’00s heiress cosplay to a T with a glitter-trimmed vintage Dolce & Gabbana mini-dress, a megawatt mini-purse, and tons of gleaming jewelry. The day Rihanna doesn't nail every outfit she deems wearable will be the day I die and I'm okay with that!

Thumbnail via Rihanna's Instagram.


Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty world tour looks are breathtaking