Z Money shares his rules to live by on “Apart of Trappin”

A new visual from his recent Chiraq Mogul project.

October 05, 2018

Z Money's music career has had its twists and turns but the Chicago rapper has always remained an innovative stylist, patenting a muttered flow long before the term "mumble rap" was ever a term. Whether he's making an off-kilter anthem, like 2014's "Dope Boy Magic," or rapping about cryptocurrency, as he does on "Bitcoin," Z Money has always maintained that he was rich way before he ever touched a microphone. "Apart of Trappin," the intro from his recent Chiraq Mogul project is a testament to that, as he outlines his blueprint for success and the rules he's lived by.


"I made the song about the rules of trapping but trapping can be any job, really," Z Money explained to The FADER over email. Read his "5 commandments of trapping" below.

1. Stay down till you come up. Meaning: One min you might not have anything but in the next five years you might be richest man on the planet.
2. Never snitch
3. Never worry about what nobody else is doing or making. Meaning: don’t try to keep up with the Joneses.
4. Keep your loved ones around you. A lot of people claim they love but when the money comes, you won’t know who is true.
5. Make smart investments. Work smarter not harder.

Z Money shares his rules to live by on “Apart of Trappin”