Watch King Krule’s “Cadet Limbo” video

The latest visual from The OOZ.

October 26, 2018

King Krule is haunted by visions of saxophonist Galgo Salvadores in the video for "Cadet Limbo." You can see the new video, taken from Archy Marshall's 2017 album The OOZ, below.


The video was directed by Charlotte Patmore and follows pther visuals from last year's album, including "Biscuit Town" and "Half Man Half Shark."

In a statement released alongside the video, King Krule said of the video: “Galgo [Salvadores] came along in real life and influenced me to write more and more. So, the concept of the video became that he’s this important figure that I couldn’t quite get my hands on. Him behind me playing sax and then disappearing.”

Watch King Krule’s “Cadet Limbo” video