Listen to Grimes’s new song with Poppy

As heard on Poppy’s new album Am I a Girl?

October 31, 2018

Grimes appears alongside Poppy on "Play Destroy," a song from the YouTube star turned pop artist Poppy's new album Am I A Girl?. The song can be streamed above.


Earlier this month Grimes appeared on a song on Jimmy Urine's new solo album. She also collaborated with K-pop group Loona and Janelle Monáe this year as well as contributing the theme music to Netflix animated series Hilda. In January she will feature on U.K. metal band Bring Me The Horizon's latest record. A follow-up to 2016's Art Angels remain unconfirmed.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Mike Windle/Getty.

Listen to Grimes’s new song with Poppy