Who should be on the remix to Mariah Carey's "A No No”?

A Lil Kim classic gets a rework but there’s still room for more innovation.

November 02, 2018

This week Mariah Carey released "A No No," the latest track from her forthcoming album Caution. Like the three songs that dropped before it, it's really good. The song has Mimi rejecting a lame lover over the beat from Lil Kim's iconic "Crush On You." While Mariah's vocals are undeniable and the lyrics are quick as hell — "Even if I was the last woman alive / I would be like Ginger, you ain't Gilligan isle" — I kind of wish the song had a rap feature on it. It's Friday, so let's play a fun little game of A&R: who do you think should be the featured guest on "A No No?"


While the Fanatic-produced beat pretty much belongs to Lil Kim, I think it would be kind of weird for her to basically re-release a new version of one of her most legendary songs. I do think the feature can't be someone who dismisses her legacy though. Obviously Cardi B could fit the bill and Nicki Minaj is out for a couple of reasons. I do think the verse could be a cool opportunity for a greener MC. Cupcakke has done plenty of hater-blocker anthems and Kim has shown her some love. She'd probably be my pick, but Jacquees could always just come through and steal the whole thing away.

Thumbnail image via Getty/ Kevin Winter / Staff

Who should be on the remix to Mariah Carey's "A No No”?