Yxng Bane shares his “Needed Time” video

Watch the new visual from the U.K. artist’s new HBK Mixtape .

November 09, 2018

Today sees the release of HBK, the long-awaited mixtape from London's Yxng Bane. The genre-agnostic artist mixes the best of what's popping in the U.K. right now on his tape, bringing rap, afroswing, grime, and pop elements to the table across 14 diverse tracks. This is perhaps best summed up by lead single "Needed Time," the video for which is premiering above via The FADER.


In the "Needed Time" video, Bane and his partner are living life on a farm in a rural part of England, speeding through the fields and documenting a topsy-turvy relationship that is all too relatable.

Speaking to The FADER, Yxng Bane said: "I wrote in the 'Needed Time' in the summer and it’s about wanting to accomplish something and knowing that there are obstacles, but that time is a healer. The video was fun to film. I did some joyriding in a field with my on-screen girlfriend at the wheel."

Yxng Bane will play London's Kentish Town Forum on November 16.
Yxng Bane shares his “Needed Time” video