Chynna premieres new video for “Dough”

The Philly rapper relaxes at home while delivering piercing shots in her new video.

November 19, 2018

In her new video for "Dough," a loose track released on SoundCloud last spring, Chynna is seen lounging at home with the curtains drawn and candles burning. The video's setting is an interesting contrast to the song: The Philly rapper delivers razor-sharp lines over a dizzying beat, courtesy of Heavens In Stereo. "Bitches sure like to talk a lot 'til I put one in they ass," she deadpans at one point.


For Chynna, who's always brought her deepest, darkest truths to her music, the intimate aggression of the video and song feel natural. "In the crib, in one's element, being domesticated to a trap soundtrack, " Chynna told The FADER over email. Watch the new video for "Dough" above.

Thumbnail image: Yumi Carter

Chynna premieres new video for “Dough”