Spice looks back to women dancehall legends in her “Romantic Mood” video

A sure fire banger from her Captured mixtape.

November 29, 2018

At the top of the month, dancehall superstar Spice stirred a bit of controversy when she posted photos of herself with significantly lighter skin, leading people to believe that she'd been using bleaching products. But, in what was actually a genius marketing plan, she'd shared the photos to promote her "Black Hypocrisy" track which took on the crucial issue of colorism in her native Jamaica. The song was also the lead single of her recently-released mixtape Captured, which hosts a healthy chunk of more easygoing and upbeat tracks.


One of the standouts from the tape is "Romantic Mood," a '90s-leaning tune which builds on dancehall artist Patra's 1993 hit "Romantic Call," proving that its riddim is timeless. In the song's video, premiering on FADER today, Spice hits different parts of Jamaica, with looks that reference the women icons that came before her.

"I'm paying homage to the women who started Dancehall and paved the way for this era," Spice said through email "Althea and Donna, Sister Nancy, Sister Charmaine, Patra, Dawn Penn, Sasha, Marcia Griffiths, Lady Ann." Watch the video above.

Spice looks back to women dancehall legends in her “Romantic Mood” video