Maxo Kream music video leads to multiple arrests on gun charges

Houston police used footage from NFL Cartel Bo and Maxo Kream’s “Hoova” to identify and charge suspects.

December 12, 2018

Houston police have charged 20 individuals and suspected gang members with illegally possessing a firearm since a music video by rappers NFL Cartel Bo and Maxo Kream was released in May, according to NBC News.


The video for the song "Hoova" was filmed in March at Lakewood Park. The video shoot included several real, loaded guns, leading bystanders nearby to call the police. Several were arrested and many fled – footage of the police disruption can be seen at the start of the video above. The video was released in May, and according to ABC News, police have used it to track down and apprehend any person shown in the video holding a gun.

NFL Cartel Bo a.k.a. Warren Brown, a former felon, was arrested and charged with illegally possessing two assault rifles and threatening a police officer. He was released on bond with an ankle monitor, but has reportedly since cut it off and is now on the run. Brown is one of nine individuals sought by police from the "Hoova" video shoot – 11 others were arrested.

The FADER has reached out to Maxo Kream's representative for comment. Watch a report on the arrests below via NBC News.

Maxo Kream music video leads to multiple arrests on gun charges