Koran Streets speaks his truth in the “Black Bandana” video

The Berkeley rapper debuts a gripping new video from his Late 20s album.

December 19, 2018

Like the rest of his catalog, Koran Streets' Late 20s album, released in August, is a visceral diary entry. The Berkeley rapper's songs and projects feel urgent: the sound of someone who's been through a whole lot getting the chance to take some weight off his chest. "Black Bandana," a standout track from the album, chronicles the risks Streets took to get where he is today.


The reason why I wear a black bandana and why it has become a part of my image: It symbolizes my rise from rags to riches, it represents the struggle, MY struggle," Koran Streets told The FADER. "In this song, I spoke to that, from how things used to be for me to how things are now. The ups and downs of trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents all the while keeping an optimistic perspective on life and maintaining my freedom."

Koran Streets speaks his truth in the “Black Bandana” video