Warhol.SS raises hell in the “Red Night” video

The Chicago rapper is sharing a new music video from his album Chest Pains.

December 21, 2018

Chicago rapper Warhol.SS is premiering his new music video for "Red Night" today on The FADER. The track, taken from his debut album Chest Pains, is an extended, primal snarl fuelled by sex and drugs with a beat that's creepy and threatening in its own unique way. The song's hectic video pays tribute to grindhouse films and Pulp Fiction's enchanted briefcase, as Warhol plays a "fixer" getting to his money any way he can.


“'Red Night' is a piano driven, haunting song that’ll get anybody going from the words to the beat," Warhol wrote in an email to The FADER. "[The] visual brings the movie Hellraiser to life in a brief 2 and a half minute segment with a eerie vibe to set the tone.”

Warhol.SS raises hell in the “Red Night” video