Watch Kurt Vile’s Tiny Desk Concert

The 38-year-old vet played songs off of his latest album Bottle It In.

February 06, 2019

NPR's Tiny Desk Concert hosted rock vet Kurt Vile on Wednesday. Watch the 15-minute performance up above.


With a guitar in hand, and harmonica aroun his neck, Vile — along with a bassist named Rob — kicked off the concert with the dreamy, almost conversational track "Bassackwards" off of his newest album Bottle It In. The 38-year-old rocker then calmly transitioned into "Loading Zones" (also off of the new album) before finishing off with an older fan favorite "Peeping Tomboy."

Last fall, FADER interviewed Vile about Bottle It In. Read that here.

Watch Kurt Vile’s Tiny Desk Concert