Hand Habits explore desire on “what lovers do”

Off their upcoming record, placeholder.

February 14, 2019

Meg Duffy of Hand Habits wrote their forthcoming record as wildfires burned through Southern California. For an album about love and relationships, it's a fitting setting; there's something inherently destructive in making space within yourself to bring someone else in. Today, The FADER is premiering "what lovers do," the newest single from placeholder (3/1 via Saddle Creek) and a lulling, frank revelation on the complexities of desire.


Over gentle guitar, Duffy muses about the attraction between lovers, describing it as "halfway with your hands into the fire of my desire." As the song plays out, it's clear the relationship isn't a smooth one, and feels more like a series of games. But the draw between the two continues to feel magnetic, and Duffy nonetheless, sounds sweet and warm in the retelling.

"Hesitation, revelation, and repetition-aspects of the story you can identify easily, and must be the witness and the participant," Duffy writes via email. "When the shame baton gets passed back and forth between parties, who is the fool? I could never claim to have a complete understanding."

Thumbnail credit to Jacob Boll.

Hand Habits explore desire on “what lovers do”