IGBO’s “First Impressions” video will give you the munchies

Their debut album Attitude is out this summer.

April 01, 2019

New York-based band IGBO is a straight-up reflection of the vast diversities that make up the city's culture. That melting pot is also translated sonically on "First Impressions," the first single off of their debut LP Attitude which is out this summer. Watch the song's fun-ass video now up above.


The synth-laced record is filled with a number of funky musical palettes, while a joyful, natural sounding percussion drives the track forward. The "First Impression" clip — which was shot, directed, and edited by Kylah Benes Trapp — matches the track's fun-filled rhythm, as the IGBO gang hit the streets of New York for a snack-filled journey, as they chase down pizza slices, Ice Cream, and more.

“Come hang out with the band for the day in NYC and get pizza and ice cream and snacks from the bodega, and groove to their song about living your dreams and flipping the bird to the ‘man', who’s blind to what's inside," The band said to FADER about the video. "Judging humans based on an idea of success; too preoccupied with appearances and status to connect to those that don’t play by 'the rules.’"

On Tuesday April 2, IGBO will perform with New York artist WIKI at the Mercury Lounge. You can find more info about the show here.

IGBO’s “First Impressions” video will give you the munchies