Winter’s “Bonsai” is dreamy pop for staying in your room

“Staying in one place, going into another dimension.”

April 02, 2019

Samira Winter sings almost all of "Bonsai" with an infectious smile on her face. Even as she sings in Portuguese "It's hard to accept having you so far away from me" sprawled on her bed in the Ambar Navarro-directed visual, it's with a grin that perhaps belies her true feelings. After all, is there anything better than deciding to hole away from the world to spend time alone?


"Bonsai" is Winter's newest single from her upcoming EP, Infinite Summer. Harnessed in its dreamy pop hooks is the effervescent ecstasy of solitude; plans are cancelled and there's no where to go. Bedrooms are often lonely places, but they're also a space for curiosity, safety, and anything in the world. "'Bonsai' is a bilingual daydream journey through your imagination," Winter explains over email. "The song is based on the novel Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra and is about the power of staying in your room. With a book in one hand and a notebook in the other the possibilities are endless!"

Tour dates:
May 3 - Beauty Bar - Las Vegas, NV‬
‪May 4 - Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT‬
‪May 6 - Lost Lake - Denver, CO‬
‪May 8 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL (w/ @feelstheband)‬
‪May 9 - Deluxx Fluxx - Detroit, MI‬
‪May 10 - Flyover Fest - Columbus, OH‬
‪May 13 - Bar le Ritz - Montreal, QC *‬
‪May 14 - Lilypad - Boston, MA*‬
‪May 15 - Baby's All Right - Brooklyn, NY*‬
‪May 16 - Everybody Hits - Philadelphia, PA*‬
‪May 17 - Comet Ping Pong - Washington, DC* ‬
‪May 19 - Neptunes - Raleigh, NC‬
‪May 22 - Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA (w/ @tacocatband )‬
‪May 24 - Cheer Up Charlies - Austin, TX‬
‪May 27 - Love Buzz - El Paso, TX‬
‪May 28 - Hotel Congress - Tucson, AZ‬
‪May 29 - Yucca Tap Room - Phoenix, AZ‬

Thumbnail credit to Jeff Leeds.

Winter’s “Bonsai” is dreamy pop for staying in your room