Watch Slowthai’s “Gorgeous” music video

His debut album Nothing Great About Britain is out on May 17.

April 05, 2019

Slowthai has given his newly-released single "Gorgeous" the visual treatment. Watch the music video up above now.


"Gorgeous" is Slowthai's first single off of his forthcoming debut album Nothing Great About Britain — which is due out on May 17. In a statement, the U.K. rapper shared that the upcoming album outlines his story of growing up in the U.K. as the child of immigrants.

"It's basically my experience of growing up [in the UK]; of having a family that were immigrants originally, of the stories they've told me, of my childhood and how I've lived my life," Slowthai said. "Through it, I've gone on a journey of explaining how everything I was chasing to make me feel good only clouded my judgment. And it took me going through a ton of shit to realize that none of these things — no money, no drugs, no fake relationships — is gonna make me happy, or make me a good person."

Watch Slowthai’s “Gorgeous” music video