AzChike and AzSwaye go back and forth in their “Tweakin” video

Undeniable chemistry from the L.A. rappers.

April 18, 2019

From the outside, it may look like L.A. rap's resurgence over the last few years came suddenly. The rise of 03 Greedo and Shoreline Mafia (and their subsequent major label deals) signaled a new wave of attention for the region, but the scene had been steadily growing and morphing for years before.


Along with fellow AzCult members AzSwaye and AzBenzz, AzChike has been making music together since 2013, becoming underground mainstays of L.A.'s new wave. Over the past two years, their music has exemplified the unrestrained energy of the scene and "Tweakin," the latest video from Chike and Swaye, is no exception. The two rappers showcase their chemistry on the song, trading memorable lines — like, "You ain't no shooter, you be trapping out your momma house" — back to back for two minutes.

“Me and Chike don’t have a chill already in life, and growing up as kids, so we applied that to our work ethic with this music shit," AzSwaye told The FADER. "One night, we end being the last ones standing in a session. We always like to work from scratch, so Chike told [the producer] Marvel, "Let’s do some shit where me and Swaye can go back and forth tweaking on!”

AzChike adds: “'Tweaking” — exactly what we was doing. We did the song and shot the video in the same hour.”

AzChike and AzSwaye go back and forth in their “Tweakin” video